Sovereign and Liberation

Sovereignty of the Soul in the Aquarian Age

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.".


-Khalil Gibran:

Gibran's words reflect the power of perspective and the role of the inner self in shaping our experience.

If you know anything about me, I am all about Liberation and personal transformation/freedom. But both topics are very misunderstood in our days.

So, I want to give you an idea about the Aquarian Age and the transformative aspect of this Era.

I had the privilege of being a student of Kundalini Yoga, taught by Yogi Bhajan. Our Teacher's training was called The Aquarian Teacher, and it was named so because all spiritual teachers and philosophers were preparing for this time either directly or indirectly. This unique time occurs every 2145 years or so and will not happen again for thousands of years.

As per the envisioned teachings, individuals should be empowered to seek their own spiritual truths rather than relying on dogmatic institutions. This time presents an opportunity for a great awakening, where people can recognize the interconnectedness of all life and fully embrace concepts like compassion and empathy.

In Kundalini Yoga, this shift is often associated with specific practices and teachings that are believed to help individuals align with the Aquarian Age's energies. The idea is to foster a sense of unity and connectedness, both within oneself and with the broader cosmos.

Today, I want to introduce you to the world of Kundalini Yoga as one of the tools to withstand the times.

Because it's not just about learning but about experiencing and embodying these truths.

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age

With his profound insight, Yogi Bhajan gifted us the Five Sutras-aphorisms for living in this new age.

Sutras are words to live by. A sutra is a concise verse or scripture, a complex spiritual concept reduced to a simple sentence that can be remembered, meditated upon, and lived by.

The five Sutras are the guiding Principles as we transition into the Aquarian Age.

A mantra and a meditation accompany each Sutra. I understand that some of you may not be familiar with mantras and kundalini. Still, if you allow yourself to be without limitations and just feel it, you may witness miracles.

I will give you the mantra here, but if you want to go deeper, ask me for the specific meditations.

Here are the five Sutras:

  1. Recognize that the other person is you. In this interconnected universe, empathy and understanding are our greatest allies.

  2. There is a way through every block. Obstacles? They’re just hidden growth opportunities.

  3. Start when the time is on you, and the pressure will be off. Action is the antidote to despair, my friends.

  4. Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the times. Look through the lens of love, and clarity will follow.

  5. Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos shall clear the path. Our energies shape our reality - so let's create something beautiful. 

OUR MISSION: Create Sovereign Humans with a toolbox of techniques and guidance to gain control over your choices and actions, leading to desired outcomes.

The 1st Sutra (Recognize that the other person is you ) has 3 three dimensions: I, YOU, and THOU. The idea is summed up in the mantra Creator and Creation are One. Here, the soul sees no other. It recognizes the divine in every being.

Mantra: I am thine in mine, myself, wha-hay guru. Humee um tumee tum, wha-hay guru. 

I am sharing one video of this mantra here:

The 2nd Sutra (There is a way through every block). This highlights resilience and resourcefulness. It suggests that every challenge or obstacle we face has a solution, and we possess the inner strength to find it.

Mantra: Aad sach jugaad sach , haibay such , Naanak hosee bee sach

Aad Such - You were you, pure truth in the Primal Beginning

Jugaad Such - You will be you, pure truth throughout the Ages

Hai Bhee Such - You are truth Here and Now

Nanak Hosee Bhee Such - You, forever shall be True.

The 3d Sutra ( When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off) This Sutra is about taking initiative and action. It implies that beginning a task, especially when feeling overwhelmed or under pressure, can actually alleviate stress and lead to progress. It's a call to be proactive rather than reactive. Just Begin!

Mantra: Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaaray, Apaaray, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay

Gobinday- sustainer- sustentador

Mukunday- liberator- libertador

Udaaray- enlgihtener- capacitador

Apaaray- infinity- infinite

Hariang- destroyer- destruidor

Kariang- creator- criador

Nirnamay- nameless- sem nome

Akamay- desireless- sem desejo

The 4th Sutra (Understand through compassion, or you will misunderstand the times) This principle teaches that true understanding comes from a place of compassion. It’s a reminder that approaching situations, people, and even global events with a compassionate heart leads to deeper understanding and better responses to the challenges of our times.

The Sutra stems from ancient wisdom that is only now beginning to be understood by Western mentality.

Mantra: Rakhay rakhanhaar aap ubaariun

Gur kee pairee paa-eh kaaj savaariun

Hoaa aap dayaal manho na visaariun

Saadh janaa kai sung bhavjal taariun

Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh bidaariun

Tis saahib kee tayk naanak manai maa-eh

Jis simrat sukh ho-eh sagalay dookh jaa-eh

(it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand or can’t pronounce the mantra. Just be in the energy, and if you are curious and have the calling, I can help you)

The 5th Sutra (Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos shall clear the path) speaks to the power of mantra, chanting, and prayer. It speaks to the ability of the Naad, or sound current, to pierce through perceived barriers in mind and body. It embodies the wisdom of nadi as flow and reminds us that our bodies are like instruments that can be tuned and harmonized. The universe is a sea of vibrating energy, and we are of that nature. 

As we shift frequencies, the entire structure of our experience changes. Thus, we say, “The cosmos shall clear the path.” The mandate of this Sutra is to chant. As we shift our frequency, we change our emotional response to situations and environments, allowing us to reorient and center ourselves. It also sparks intuition. 

The 5th Sutra is also a reminder to be aware of our words and tone of voice! With our words, we create. It is wise to avoid venting frustration, gossip, or bad-mouthing someone, including yourself. Make a habit not to complain. Begin to choose your words consciously, and notice how much energy and spirit you have. Observe how others change around you and how quickly you get things done!

Mantra: Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gur Prasaad, Sat Gur Prasaad Ek Ong Kaar

Source :3HO

Closing Thoughts

These sutras offer guidance for personal growth and spiritual development. They are philosophical concepts and practical tools for everyday living, encouraging individuals to lead lives filled with compassion, understanding, and positivity. By embodying these principles, we can navigate the complexities of modern life with grace and wisdom.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."


Remember, the road to freedom begins with challenging fixed ideas. Join the movement of those who dare to question, create, and reshape the world by simply asking, "What if?"

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