How to get unstuck

“The spoon cannot taste the soup” -

-Dalai Lama

It's been said time and time again that the road to failure is often paved with (good) intentions. These seemingly kind motivators, meant to propel us forward, can sometimes become our most significant stumbling blocks.

Much like the saying "the spoon doesn't taste the soup," our intentions can sometimes distance us from the very essence of our goals, preventing us from savoring true success.

The Spoon That Doesn't Taste

Imagine the spoon as a tool that's constantly immersed in the soup but never truly experiences its flavor. Similarly, when we're too wrapped up in our intentions, we might miss out on the broader picture — the true essence of our goals.

🥣 Why the Spoon Cannot Taste the Soup

In the quest for success, intentions play a pivotal role. They guide our actions, influence our decisions, and provide a moral compass in uncertain times. However, there is a stark difference between intention and immersion; sometimes, intentions can become barriers to success.

When intentions, which should be our guiding forces, come from a place of fear, they might act more as barriers rather than bridges.

If our intentions are the spoons that carry our dreams, fear-based motivations ensure we never truly "taste" or experience them.

The Paradox of Fearful Drives

At a glance, fear can be a potent motivator. The fear of scarcity can drive one to work tirelessly, and the dread of solitude might push someone to network and connect continuously. But when our driving intentions stem from fear, they often create internal blocks and, ironically, can manifest the very circumstances we're trying to avoid.

If our dreams and goals are the delicious soup of life, then our intentions are the spoon that serves them. When these intentions arise from fear, we remain detached, much like the spoon. We might be going through the motions, but we're not truly tasting (engaging in the game) the richness of the experience. Instead, we're continuously driven by a need to escape the cold, unpalatable broth of our fears.

Meaning action, action, and not attraction. We are trying to force what we want instead of bringing it into our lives.

We are not engaged in our actions because they are not coming from a coherence of our hearts and minds but merely from our drive to get away from the unwanted.

OUR MISSION: Create Sovereign Humans with a toolbox of techniques and guidance to gain control over your choices and actions, leading to desired outcomes.

Why Running from 'Broke & Alone' Might Just Get You There

Let's play with a thought. Your inner fears are like a GPS that’s had a tad too much coffee – jittery and a little off course. You punch in "Dream Destination," but it's hyper-focused on avoiding those dodgy neighborhoods like "Lonely Lane" or "Penniless Park." if we let these jittery fears drive us, we could wind up lost, perhaps right in the places we wanted to avoid.

The Netflix Guide to Fear

Remember that time you sat through 8 seasons of a show just because you didn’t want to feel left out at water-cooler chat? That, my friend, is sprinting from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), not trotting towards a gripping storyline. Now, magnify this to life goals if you're hustling just because you dread the idea of 'going broke' or 'ending up alone'; it's akin to watching a never-ending, not-so-fun show. You might be on the move, but is it the path you actually want to tread?

The Sneaky Spoon Dilemma

Here's where the Dalai Lama drops a wisdom bomb (in my imaginative, modern rephrasing): "A spoon has one job, to carry soup from bowl to mouth. Yet, it doesn’t know if it's tomato basil or clam chowder." If our intentions are the spoon, and our dreams are that delicious, steamy soup, fear ensures we never really taste it. We’re just shoveling it in, hoping it's not the flavor we dread.

💥 Ditching the Fear-Flavored Soup

  1. Spot the Fear: It's sneaky. It disguises itself as ambition. Question your motives.

  2. Taste-Test: Give your goals a little taste test before diving in. Are they indeed yours or society's leftovers?

  3. Set Your Genuine GPS: Ditch the glitchy, fear-based GPS—set coordinates for where you genuinely want to be.

Hey, it’s a wild, winding road to success. And while fears can be backseat drivers yelling directions, remember you’re in the driver’s seat. So, where are you headed? Don’t just shovel in the soup of success; savor every. Single. Spoonful.

Surprise! When Success Sneaks Up on You

Ever felt like you're pushing a giant boulder uphill, trying super hard to succeed, and then, out of nowhere, when you're chilling on the couch or taking a shower, a lightbulb moment hits? Success sometimes pops up when we're looking the other way. Like when you met “that” guy, and you didn’t even wear makeup, or when your book suddenly became a best seller …,

1. Taking Off the Pressure Cap

Imagine you’re blowing up a balloon. Too much air and pop! That's like us when we stress over success. Sometimes, things naturally fall into place when we chill and stop overthinking. It's like baking; sometimes, you need to let the dough rise on its own.

2. Brain’s Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Even when we're watching a funny cat video or daydreaming, our brain secretly works like a ninja in the background, connecting dots. It’s like your phone updating apps when it's off. And suddenly, voilà, an idea strikes!

3. Exploring New Roads

When we're not tunnel-visioned on one thing, we see more, try new stuff, and meet different people. It’s like wandering in a new city without a map. Sometimes, you discover the coolest places when you’re not even looking.

4. Going With the Flow

There's this cool idea that things turn out better if we do our thing without constantly checking if we’re winning. It's like planting seeds and not peeking every day to see if they’ve sprouted. Give it time, and boom, you have a garden.

5. The 'It Just Clicks' Thing

Ever done something so much that you can do it with your eyes closed? That's your skills, becoming buddies with your instincts. And when they team up, you nail things without even realizing it.

In a Nutshell:

Life's funny. Sometimes, the harder we chase success, the more it plays hard to get. But when we relax, do our thing, and enjoy the journey, success often takes its way to us. So, laugh a little, wander, dream, and remember: sometimes, the best stuff happens when we least expect it. Cool, right?

“We think in secret and it comes to pass. Enviroment is but our looking glass “

- James Allen

Remember, the road to freedom begins with challenging fixed ideas. Join the movement of those who dare to question, create, and reshape the world by simply asking, "What if?"


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