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"All your actions, feelings, behaviors—even your abilities—are always consistent with this self-image. In short, you will "act like" the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. Not only this, but you literally cannot act otherwise in spite of all your conscious efforts or willpower."

-Maltz Maxwell

Big news incoming – we're hitting the growth button and things around here are about to get even more awesome. 🤩

Guess what? Our little newsletter baby, "Against Fixed Ideas," is growing fast! We're expanding the love and insights, bringing this gem to your inbox twice a month because something new is coming in! Think of it as our regular coffee date but with more "aha!" moments and fewer caffeine jitters.

Drumroll, please... We're launching a podcast! It's like we're taking our conversations to the airwaves, where you can tune in, kick back, and dive deep into everything that makes us tick – spirituality, human potential, and those juicy, mind-bending topics we can't get enough of. It will be like hanging out with your favorite soul tribe, but in your ears.

Now, for the cherry on top: I'm throwing a live workshop called "You Are the One," and you're all invited. Come join us if you're nearby or feel like a bit of a travel adventure. This is where the magic happens – face to face, heart to heart. We will explore what it means to be yourself truly, peel away the layers of doubt, and step into the light of your greatness.

This workshop is a gathering of souls ready to laugh, learn, and leap into new beginnings. We'll use everything in our toolkit – from Kundalini yoga to the latest in transformational techniques – to help you find and fuel your inner spark. Imagine time dedicated to unlocking your potential, surrounded by people on the same journey. Exciting, right?

So, if your heart says, "Yes! This is for me!" then don't hesitate. It's all happening here, in our beautiful corner of Florida. This is your invitation to enter a love, growth, and joy-filled space. Let's come together and make some unforgettable memories.

As we gear up for these exciting changes, I'm so grateful to have you all on this journey with me. Let's embrace the expansion, dive into the joy of connecting more often, and get ready for some soul-level severe conversations, both online and in person.

Here is the link to register for the workshop on the 8th of March, 5.30-7.30 pm at the Anuttara Yoga Studio

Sending you all heaps of love and positive vibes,

Xo Anastasia

OUR MISSION: Create Sovereign Humans with a toolbox of techniques and guidance to gain control over your choices and actions, leading to desired outcomes.

Remember, the road to freedom begins with challenging fixed ideas. Join the movement of those who dare to question, create, and reshape the world by simply asking, "What if?"

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